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Upcoming BuyBack of shares 2020
Share BuyBack

What is Buyback of Shares? Why do companies buyback?

When a company buys its own shares from investors, it is called buyback. You can also consider it the reverse of an IPO. These shares cease to exist after the buyback process is completed. For buyback mainly two methods – tender offer or open market are used.

Why do companies buyback?

The company decides to buyback for several reasons. The biggest reason is the excess cash in the company’s balance sheet. It is not considered good to have too much cash with the company. It is believed that the company is not able to use its cash. The company uses its excess cash through share buybacks.

Many times the company feels that its share price is low (undervalued), then it tries to increase it through buyback. Apart from this, there can be many reasons for the buyback.

What is the procedure?

First, the company’s board approves the proposal for a share buyback. After this, the company announces the program for the buyback. It mentions record date and buyback period. Record debt means that the investors who hold shares of the company till that day will be able to participate in the buyback.

Live BuyBack of Shares 2020

NameBuyback PriceBuyback TypeBoard Meeting DateRecord Date
RITES Limited BuyBack 2020₹ 265Tender18 Sep 202030 Sep 2020
Dhanuka Agritech BuyBack₹ 1000Tender22 Jul 202028 Sep 2020
Triveni Engineering BuyBack 2020₹ 105Tender10/08/2028/08/20
Ramkrishna Forgings BuyBack 2020₹ 250Open Market21/03/20

List of Past BuyBack of Shares

NameBuyback PriceBuyback TypeBoard Meeting DateRecord DateOpen DateClose Date
Balrampur Chini BuyBack 2020180Tender Offer23/06/2003/07/2020/07/2031/07/20
Just Dial Limited BuyBack 2020700Tender Offer30/04/2003/07/2004/08/2017/08/20
Tanla Solutions Ltd. BuyBack 202081Tender Offer22/04/2010/06/2001/07/2014/07/20
Coral India Financial17Tender Offer14/02/2017/04/2001/06/2012/06/20
Tips Industries Limited140Tender Offer13/02/2003/04/2002/06/2015/06/20
GHCL Limited Buyback250Open Market23/01/20
Granules India Limited200Tender Offer21/01/2020/03/2008/06/2019/06/20
Aster DM Healthcare210Tender Offer09/01/2024/01/2020/02/2005/03/20
NIIT Technologies BuyBack 20201725Tender Offer23/12/1912/03/2029/05/2011/06/20
JB Chemicals BuyBack 2020440Tender Offer12/11/1922/11/1916/12/1930/12/19
IBull Ventures Ltd.150Tender Offer11/10/1919/12/1915/01/2028/01/20
Kaveri Seed Compan..700Tender Offer24/09/1922/11/1931/12/1913/01/20
FRESHTROP FRUITS L..110Tender Offer23/08/1911/10/1921/11/1904/12/19
NIIT Limited Buyba..125Tender Offer10/08/1918/10/1925/11/1906/12/19
Star Cement Limite..150Tender offer21/06/1905/07/1922/10/1905/11/19
Smartlink Holdings..130Tender Offer14/06/1913/08/1918/10/1901/11/19
Adani Ports Limite..500Tender offer04/06/1921/06/1906/09/1920/09/19
Triveni Engineerin..100Tender Offer03/06/1919/06/1922/07/1902/08/19
FDC Buyback 2019350Tender Offer24/05/1907/06/1901/07/1912/07/19

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