Past NSE BSE BuyBack Performances

Past NSE BSE BuyBack: A buyback is also known as a share purchase, is when the company buys its own shares from the shareholders. Company funds their buyback with surplus cash. The cash is available because the company may find no other profitable alternative to use the money.

Past NSE BSE BuyBack

List of Past NSE BSE BuyBack performance

NameBuyback PriceAmount InvestedAcceptance RatioTotal ProfitFinal Return
Aarti Drugs Limited Buyback Offer 201887516986012.82%-39413-23.00%
Bharat Electronics Limited Buy Back Offer182.51852059.19%-28500-15.39%
Unichem Laboratories Limited Buyback Offer43017209335.00%-16554-9.62%
MOIL Limited Buyback Offer Feb 201824018333335.00%-7730-4.22%
Balrampur Chini Mills Limited Buyback 15015200010.00%-78012-51.32%
FDC Ltd Buyback Offer Feb 20183501542856.00%-9072-5.88%
Alembic Limited Buyback Offer Jan 20188016250018.36%-15800-9.72%
Mangalam Organics Limited Buyback Offer230178260100.00%2172512.29%
Paushak Limited Buyback Offer Jan 2018170017176460.00%167509.75%
Smartlink Network Systems Limited Buyback120175000100.00%2449514.00%
Netlink Solutions (India) Ltd Buyback 1776470100.00%120825158.00%
Akzo Nobel India Limited Buyback offer210018050089.00%161908.97%
Jagran Prakashan Limited Buyback Offer19517435831.50%-22135-12.70%
Goldcrest Corporation Limited BuyBack75160000100.00%4000525.00%
Kaveri Seed Company Limited Buyback 67514948062.50%6851345.83%
Tata Consultancy Services Limited buyback2100175750100.00%2375013.51%
HCL Technologies Limited BuyBack 20181100182086100.00%164719.05%
Navneet Education Limited BuyBack 201816016000026.00%-4400-2.75%
Weizmann Forex Limited BuyBack offer702144729100.00%5509638.07%
J. B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited buy back39016900037.50%22121.31%
Redington (India) Limited Buyback 201812517600035.00%-15520-8.82%
NLC India Limited Buyback offer 201888193600100.00%154008.00%
NALCO Buyback offer 20187517160053.87%125737.39%
Mphasis Buyback offer 2018135017020022.00%-12480-8.00%
BHEL Buyback 20188615810052.75%2646416.73%
Just Dial Limited BuyBack 201880013850021.00%-276-0.19%
NHPC Limited Buyback offer 20182818900063.00%2660.14%
Triveni Turbine Limited Buyback Offer15013390054.36%3258824.33%
KG Denim Limited Buyback offer 201840180000100.00%2000011.11%
IOC Buyback 2018149183892100.00%161048.75%
SKF India Limited Buyback 20182100161500100.00%3800023.52%
Dhanuka Agritech Limited Buyback Offer55014350075.85%3633525.32
ONGC Limited Buyback 2018159184905100.00%150848.16%
TATA Investment Corporation Limited100016500066.30%2387814.47%
Bosch Limited Buyback Offer 20182100018900081.60%80004.23%
NMDC Buyback 20199819377510062223.21%
Oil India Limited Buyback offer 201821518000050.00%-4050-2.25%
Shanthi Gears Buyback 2018140188496100114246.06%
Aarti Drugs Limited Buyback Offer 20199001476307.31-11483-7.77%
FDC Buyback 201935011314219.00%-1720-1.50%
Just Dial Limited Buyback 202070011539627.34%1623314.07%
FDC Buyback 202045014929530.00%2420916.21%

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