Upcoming Board Meetings: NSE Corporate Action 2020

Upcoming Board Meetings: A board meeting is a meeting of directors of a company with major decisions regarding the policy and future actions of the company. These are board decisions that determine or certify the action to be taken on behalf of the company. The powers of the board are usually specified in the articles of association of the company. At the meetings of the Board of Directors, the activities shall be governed by any regulation made by the directors themselves and any authority granted to them by the Articles and Articles of the Company. The presence of all directors is not required at the meeting and, generally, the number of articles is a quorum. If a quorum is not so decided, most of the board members must attend.

Upcoming Board Meetings Dates and Details

Company NamePurposeMeeting Date
GREAVESCOTEmployees Stock Option Plan27-Apr-20
HDFCLIFEAudited Results; General27-Apr-20
INDUSINDBKAudited Results27-Apr-20
PFIZERInterim Dividend27-Apr-20
SASKENA.G.M.; Audited Results; General27-Apr-20
HEXAWAREQuarterly Results29-Apr-20
HINDUNILVRAudited Results;Quarterly Results30-Apr-20
LAURUSLABSFinal Dividend;Audited Results30-Apr-20
SISAudited Results;Quarterly Results30-Apr-20
TECHMDividend;Audited Results;Quarterly Results30-Apr-20
ICICIGIAudited Results02-May-20
PERSISTENTFinal Dividend;Audited Results05-May-20
CIGNITIA.G.M.;Audited Results07-May-20
CYIENTAudited Results07-May-20
HCLTECHFinal Dividend;Audited Results07-May-20
NESTLEINDQuarterly Results12-May-20
PRSMJOHNSNAudited Results12-May-20
SYNGENEAudited Results12-May-20
DRREDDYFinal Dividend;Audited Results13-May-20
MPHASISFinal Dividend;Audited Results13-May-20
RBLAudited Results19-May-20
TCIAudited Results19-May-20
RMLAudited Results20-May-20
RANEHOLDINAudited Results27-May-20

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